What We’re Doing

Here you are and here is what we are doing and have been doing. This style page might not be one you see published too often by home builders. We get it. We know that most custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina companies like to show their finished products. We are not going to lie; we love highlighting the custom homes we have completed as well. The professional pictures of finished homes show off all of the polished and perfected finishing touches that we have been dreaming of with our clients since the start of their projects. We could leave it right there. We could move on to the next project. We treat each project from a transparent position and we genuinely enjoy the process though. It does not work when you love what you do. We wanted to take our sharing to a new level and let you see some of our process as well. 

When you are painting a picture or writing a story, you typically start with a blank page or canvas. When we are building a custom home as the highest rated and most reviewed custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina has available, we might start with a lot that does not have any structures on it, but it is never really blank. There are elevations to take into consideration as well as vegetation, soil analysis, and so much more. We start right here with you. We help to determine the best placement to maximize views and access. Once this is determined, we start digging, forming, stripping, leveling, painting lines, ordering, delivering, and so much more. We do acknowledge that we are not able to show you every step of the custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina building process right here. We are going to share some images of the process though. 

We pride ourselves in the details and love getting into the smallest and most intimate of them to make sure our houses are built with the utmost care. We have lists, systems, guardrails, and the best team members who all work together to ensure we do not miss a step along the way to building you your dream home in the glorious and beautiful mountains of North Carolina &/or Eastern Tennessee. Some of the details and attributes in these images are fairly self-explanatory. Others might take a more trained eye to notice. 

As your most highly reviewed custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina has to offer, we want our clients to have the best and most informed experience during the build of their custom home. We use project management software that helps us keep them informed from any device. We post daily logs to show what is happening on their property and the progress we are making. Beyond just sharing pictures, we can also keep everyone up to date on budgets and other pertinent information. Each day getting a step closer to the day we hand over the keys. 

While we are sharing these images with our clients, we thought it would be an interesting perspective to share them with everyone else too. Of course, this is just a quick glance through some of our process, but we enjoy taking some time each week to share a picture or two from some of our projects. None of these images are taken by “professional” photographers, but we are proud of our work and it is always interesting to see our project managers’ and superintendents’ photography skills put to the test.

Some of the images you will see highlight materials, others might demonstrate technique, and we cannot help but share a few that illustrate this amazing landscape we get to work on. All of these images are driven by passion as well as the desire to learn and continually improve on an already fine-tuned and successful service we are providing. These images, of the custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina building process, each demonstrate an intentional step that was taken towards completion of the home. 

We hope you enjoy reviewing our process and pictures. We hope it makes you excited for your new custom home. You will see some images from project to project are fairly similar. Other images could not be further apart. While there are certain tasks that must be performed in a specific order, there is some flexibility with others. Do you have a favorite image? Let us know which. Do you have any parts of your perspective that give you anxiety? Any aspects that you are most excited about?

Feel free to reach out with any questions. There is a lot happening in all of these images. At any time, there might be more than one trade on site working side by side. There is always a lot happening behind the scenes too. A lot that happens that we cannot document with a photograph. In our office, we are also coordinating, scheduling, ordering, and processing. Our custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina pre construction phase also takes care of a lot of work and intention before we ever break ground. To read more about this process, click here. Certain parts of the process are faster than others, but all get completed in the right time. 

Stay tuned, we’ll have more coming soon. In the meantime, if you are feeling inspired and ready, we are right here. We strive to answer every phone call. If we happen to miss one, we are sure to call back as soon as we’re able. So, give us a call at 828-898-3717, fill out this form, or send us an email to office@skyhousecompany.com. The time is right. You could be one call closer to waking up in your dream home. One step closer to welcoming your family and friends past your custom home’s threshold and into this new part of your life. Mountain living, at its best, happens here. 

Otherwise, keep reading and looking through our pages. They will spell out our process, who we are, how we do it, and so much more. There is also this form that will guide you to providing the initial information we will need to help determine if your project is the right fit for us and if we are the right fit for your project.