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The instant we pass over the keys to our homeowner client is one of the more touching moments of a project as a custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina knows and trusts. We walk through the front door with them and get to share the full range of emotions as the finished product has finally been completed. We’ve all seen these moments on TV reveals, but we are here to inform you they are more special in person. All of the decisions and selections have been made and fine-tuned. Seeing something on paper and in pictures is much more different than actually walking in and experiencing it. While we are only able to share the experience of these images here, we hope it provides you an vision of some of the undertakings we have had the privilege to be a part of. 

Depending on where your residence is located, there will likely be Home Owner Associations or Architectural Review Boards that will have requirements for exterior finishes and materials for your custom home. When we get to planning the interior design and selections, your options are almost endless. We can and will get into the smallest details, that might not be noticed at first glance, but would be noticed if they hadn’t been considered. For example, finishing mitered corners, installing hardware-less shower glass, decorative vents that blend into the substrate they are installed in, and so much more. We have all heard the sayings “Less is Best” or “Less is More”. The planning and execution to achieve “Less” can sometimes often be far more than if aiming simply for the status quo. If you ask us as your custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina knows and loves, it is worth it every time. 

As we have mentioned before, your custom home is going to be yours. Your design, your decisions, your refuge in the high country. We will make sure it is built to last and set you up for success for years to come. As your custom home builder in Banner Elk, Boone, Blowing Rock, and the surrounding areas; we do not just specialize in the construction of the home. We specialize in the completion of your home. This includes your interior finishes. We have broken these images out into galleries for kitchens, bathrooms, great rooms, and millwork. For full projects, check out some of our other galleries throughout our site. You can also check out some video tours of a few homes as well here. 

We hope you will notice some of the details and intention put into these homes. Throughout the building process, we are taking into consideration the flow of your home and how the interiors really work. We want to physically walk the space with you to confirm that doors swing the ways you want them to. We want to ensure that light switches are conveniently located and make sense to you and how each space will be used. We can and will customize every detail to your specific needs. If you would prefer to not be involved in all of the seemingly smaller decisions, we will help guide you and can connect you with the right interior designer that matches your aesthetic and budget. 

At Sky House Company, we know the importance of understanding your why and we do not want to make assumptions. Maybe you are building this home to enjoy yourself, but also to be used as an investment property. We can help recommend materials that fit the look you are trying to achieve but contain the durability you need to withstand multiple families and visitors over the years. For example, we love building intricate custom bunk beds that help ensure everyone is included at family gatherings and can stay in the same home, comfortably. In the beginning phases, we can help guide the plans to ensure the right size dining room table fits. We want this house to be built to function. We will labor with you to make sure this happens, beyond the nuts and bolts. 

Want to get innovative and think outside the box? We have installed hidden doors to secret rooms, floating staircases with custom under mount lighting, built in drawers for additional storage, and so much more. Just because you are building in the mountains of North Carolina, doesn’t mean you have to build a “mountain home”. We have built many, and love them. We can help marry the aesthetics you desire to match the landscape we are building in and the feel you want. We can help incorporate interesting and noteworthy feature walls and fireplaces. We welcome the challenge to research creative solutions and materials. 

Whether you are toiling with an interior designer, or are planning to make all of your interior selections yourself; Sky House Company is the custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina to see your custom home through to the end. This includes making sure fixtures are dusted, appliances are installed and every detail is taken into consideration. Just with every other step of your custom build, we want to put an emphasis on preparation and planning to optimize your budget and timelines. We want to review these plans and make sure your final product looks and feels like you have aways dreamed of, but also functions for a lifetime. 

When we do walk through the doors with you, we are also going to be leaving you with the tools you need to upkeep your home. This includes specifications for your appliances, plumbing, lighting fixtures as well as appliances. We are honing in on our concierge benefits as well that will help you preserve your home for years to come as your custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina. We will give recommendations on a maintenance schedule and be around to help you as you grow into mountain living. 

If you are seeing what you like and liking what you are seeing, you don’t have to stop here. Give us a call at 828-898-3717 or email us at Sky House Company is a proud custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina knows and trusts. here and ready to hear how we can work together. We can talk about building your new home or renovating your existing one. It all starts with a conversation and you will not know if we are the right fit until you ask.