Come take a tour with us, on your schedule, and from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to a screen. These videos are a great way to start to get a feel for the work we do. You will get to see some of the attention to detail and expert technique we use to build these fine custom homes in the High Country as the highest rated and most reviewed custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina. As we finish up each new project, we will be uploading new videos to show more of the incredible homes we have had the privilege to build. Each video will give you a glimpse of what your new custom home could be like.

We are all aware of the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we feel so lucky to have the technology to take things a step further and provide actual video footage of the homes we are building. This gives us all a chance to really see each space in its entirety and share them with you. We are proud of every home we build and are excited to start sharing them with you. So, come along with us. Schedule a few minutes of your day to sit back and feel inspired. Some of these custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina custom homes might be right in line with your initial vision for your home. While others couldn’t feel further away. Every home we work on is custom and built to your own specifications using our highly rated and top reviewed custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina.

Each video is a quick view of the custom homes we have created. Some of these projects are new homes we have built from the ground up. Others are renovation projects where we have transformed the interior and/or exterior of the structure to make it the custom home our clients’ have always dreamt of as the highest and most reviewed custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina. These videos let you see different angles that might not be visible in a still frame image. They let you see perspectives that also might not be visible from an in-person walk through of the home or around the property. They will certainly give you a better view than just driving by. Having the ability to use drones to highlight the topography where we are building has been incredible. Not only are we able to share some of the views and landscape, but it also allows us to show the engineering and site work that goes into so many of our builds.

Constructing dwellings in the high country of Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee is not for everyone. It takes a special builder who understands the land. No two lots are typically alike and each one contains its own opportunities to put our knowledge and skill base to the test. At Sky House Company, we strive to work on architecturally driven plans. We have the tools and knowledge to find solutions to what some might call difficult lots. Where some might shy away, our Sky House team gets excited for the opportunity. Having the ability to show footage of some of these spaces makes it that much better. Whether your lot has a steep grade, is flat but rocky, or a combination of many different opportunities, the team at Sky House is ready to get to work with you.

One of the videos you will see as you scroll through our gallery is of a modern farmhouse in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. What started as an initial renovation, turned into a full new construction. Another is of an addition we constructed in Linville. We added a spacious garage with living space above and space for entertaining in the back. We are also sharing a quick glance at another home we renovated in Linville. It is one we have worked on over the years to help evolve the home as our client’s needs and wants have changed over the years. We will always be currating more and more videos as we complete projects. We are very excited to continue sharing projects. If you would like to look at a few of the projects we are currently building, you can check out our galleries here. You can also check out the still frame images of these projects by visiting our New Custom Build Gallery and our Renovations & Additions Gallery.

The purpose of these videos and this page is we want you to be able to pause these videos and see the perspectives that appeal most to you. We want you to be able to pause these videos and inspect your favorite part of the build and find the inspiration you have been looking for to apply in your own custom home with Sky House custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina. We believe in transparency and realistic expectations. We will talk to you about this a lot more as we begin the preconstruction process. If you want to read more about our process now, click here. In the meantime, feel free to take notes and share your thoughts with us. We are more than thrilled to talk with you and answer any questions as well as discuss what options might work on your new project.

We are Sky House, the custom home builder Banner Elk North Carolina knows and loves. We are building your refuge in the mountains. As the premier custom home builder in the high country, we are dedicated to our clients and the communities we work in. Your home will be built to last and hopefully house years and years of happy memories and experiences for you and your family and friends. We are excited to share these homes we have built and cannot wait to learn more about your vision and plans for the future. Do you have questions about any of these home?

Are you ready? Would you like to hear more about what we can offer? Do you have questions about our methods or any of the homes shown in these videos? Give us a call at 828-898-3717, email us at, or click here to fill out our Contact Us Form. We will listen to what you are looking for and we will help you determine if we are going to be the right builders for your project. If you are ready, we are too.