“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.”
– Barbara Januszkiewicz
Since Sky House Company was formed in 2015, renovations and additions have been our bread and butter. The relationship between builder and client is always paramount to a project’s success, but nowhere more so than with a renovation or addition. At Sky House, we understand that our work is an extension of your lifestyle, and we strive to make even the smallest projects flow smoothly while we work, whether you are living in the home or not.

We consider protecting your home during renovation to be simply another component of our benchmark customer service. Site protection is important to us, because we understand that it is important to you. That is why we carefully install zip-wall partitions and employ measures such as HEPA air scrubbers, floor protection, and door jamb protectors, to be sure that our work does not negatively affect your life. Furthermore, our employees and subcontractors will conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times.

Renovations and additions are typically more complex than building a new home from the ground up. A remodeling project should ideally look like it never happened. The builder must understand your vision and bring it together in harmony with the existing structure. These projects often require utilities to be reconfigured, homesites modified, and building components carefully matched to those of the existing structure. In short, the character of the home must remain in place, which means that an eye for detail is critical to success. Sky House has the experience, industry knowledge, and determination to achieve these goals.

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Is your home outdated and in need of repairs and renovations? The very best Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina is ready to take on any renovations or updates you may need. Times change and that means that your house needs to change as well. If you are not in the market for a whole brand new house then you can capitalize upon our services with renovations. If you have had dreams of changing and tweaking your home to make it absolutely perfect and we can help you out with everything that has to do with renovating your home.

Renovations can be a little trickier than building a home from scratch, but this does not deter us at all. As we have mentioned above, since our company was founded in 2015 and we have been doing countless renovations, our skills are very sharp and ready to tackle any project. We would love to take you through our gallery to show you all our amazing work and what we may be able to do with your home. If you have a home you are comfortable in and do not want to move out, renovations may be the perfect option for you. The highest reviewed and highest recommended Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina can change the things that may be outdated or you just need to switch up according to your style.

The main concern at Skyhouse company is always going to be you as the customer. We want to make sure that you are comfortable and considered at all times during your home renovation regardless if you are living in the home or not. This is an important part of our process in renovations because we always put customers first to maintain the reputation of the greatest customer service. Ideally, our team members should be out of your way in no time and completely understand your vision before the construction ever begins. Understanding the vision you have for your home before we begin construction will ensure that your renovation will be constructed in a smooth and seamless manner. Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina Sky House Company is here to help you in any stage of your renovation no matter the mess. Have you gotten into a renovation project that seemed easy until you started? If you have it is completely okay because we have seen this time and time again. All the DIY videos out there can really get you into a pickle but thankfully we know a thing or two. Since we have been doing renovations for so long we are extremely knowledgeable about how to go about renovations in an efficient and proper way and never waste your time or money.

Protecting your home during the renovation process is something that is extremely important and most builders do not ever consider doing. When you work with the very best Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina sky house company, we will always make sure that your home is protected throughout the entire renovation process so there is never a huge cleanup at the very end on your part. We do this because we understand that having to worry about damaging other parts of your home while we are fixing another is something that will set us back several steps.

With knowledge and experience behind us, you can always feel comfortable renovating your gorgeous home. If your dream has been to work with the best Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina you are in luck because SkyHouse company is right at your fingertips and ready to make your renovation dreams come true. If you want your home to look like one on the TV we can give this to you and so much more.

Did we mention that it’s extremely easy to work with us? It’s crazy easy to work with us because we always are going to have the best customer service experience as well as the highest quality creations that you could imagine. there is a reason why we are the highest revered and highest quality Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina. Never settle for anything less than incredible work. Know that once you work with sky house company settling is a thing of the past. The most reliable and hard-working Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina is ready to make your dreams a reality. It’s easy to contact us and you can call us today at 828.898.3717