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Are you are looking for a reliable home builder that can exceed your expectations? Lucky for you, you have found Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina Sky House Company. Having a gorgeous home doesn’t have to be a dream, it can also be a reality when you work with Skyhouse company. Our main goal is to always see your vision before we even start the building process to give you exactly what you want. We want to understand what your idea of a gorgeous home really is so that we can build exactly how you want us to. This is a very important part of our company’s culture because we want to make sure that we put you as a customer first and create a great working relationship with you. We do this through our time commitment to you in the designing and then building process.

Are you wanting only the highest quality materials? Only the best Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina Skyhouse company is going to provide you with this very intentionally. We promise to be intentional in every single part of the home-building process because we believe that our customers need to come first above all else. Thankfully we work extremely close with interior designers and architects to make sure that your house is going to be exactly what you are wanting from bottom to top. No other company is going to put the time in that we are to understand your design needs. Your vision is going to be our vision and not the other way around like some other home builders might want.

When was sky house company established? Our owner and founder Jeff Pell grew up in a family of custom home builders. Of course, this sparked his interest and he was able to work on a lot of custom homes throughout his lifetime to prepare him for what was ahead. Before he began work building the thriving company Sky house, he worked as a subcontractor for other home-building companies. Through his experience, he has had many years and tons of knowledge that he would love to share with you as the client. This should be great news to you as well because you can be assured that all your questions can be answered by an expert in the subject. In 2015 jeff decided to creat a Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina Sky House Company. Since then he has been thriving in his work and has personally built many homes for great clients just like you.

Anyone would tell you that our team here at sky house company is also incredible and ready to help at any given time. We handpick every single one of our team members to make sure that we have a variety of skills to further our company in their development. We think that it is extremely important to have tons of skills at our disposal when it comes to home building because we can stay on track and don’t have to subcontract out other work like other companies may have to. Skyhouse company Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina Will always be extremely honest with you when it comes to a timeline. We pride ourselves on creating a timeline and then sticking to that timeline in order to reiterate the fact that our customer service is always at the top of our minds.

Why should you choose Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina Sky House Company? We should always be the first choice because we have a team of passionate home builders that would love to do nothing more than to see your dreams of a custom home or renovation come true. Not only do we provide custom homes for our clients but we also do renovations and even a concierge service. Our concierge service is extremely popular among those people who have a second home that just need a peace of mind when it comes to the safety and upkeep of their home. Sometimes they are not around to take care of their home but still need it to be in great condition. If this is you, this service would be great for your concerns. we are going to make sure that there are no security issues at your home while you were away or even if you are a full-time resident at this home if you would like our concierge service for. We want to make sure you know that this service is not just for people with second homes. It is also for those of you who just need a helping hand around for convenience. We do big projects but we also do small projects. If you need a lightbulb changed we will even do this. Talk about customer service! The best Custom Home Builder Banner Elk North Carolina Will stop at nothing to make sure you and your home are safe and in great hands.

Another one of our shining star services is our renovation service. Renovations might be a great way for you to try our company out before you dedicate your entire savings to building a brand-new home. If you are currently in a home that needs renovations we would love to come in and tell you the best way to tackle those renovations. If you have gotten yourself into a DIY project that just got too big, we can finish the project for you with no problem. Sometimes renovations can be a little trickier than building a home from scratch but this will be no problem for us because we have plenty of proven experience to help us along the way. Promising to protect the rest of your home while we are in the process of renovation. Many other home builders never think of this but we will always make protecting your non-renovation areas a priority. There has never been a greater time to work with Sky House Company so give us a call today at 828.898.3717