If you’re looking for the Top General Contractor Banner Elk then you can look no further than Sky House Company because they are the top General contractors. They are able to do multiple things for your home such as renovate any part of your home, make additions to your home, or abilities a completely new customized home. So whatever you’re looking for in your dream home they are able to build that for you. They not only are able to build you your dream home but they do have concierge services where they are able to provide you the peace of mind that you need to know that your home is safe, secure, and well-maintained. When working with Sky House Company you will soon realize that they are more than capable of providing you with the home that you dream of.

If you are a homeowner who is looking to do something new for your home then the name has a four-step process to be able to do any project that you looking to do for your home. Step one is the consultation and this is where they decide on your budget, and they determine factors, identify your drivers, and also it is completely free. So they are able to do all these things so that they can be able to create a direction that the project is going in. To preconstruction step and that’s where they make services agreement, it is an architect, a defined the project, and identify potential issues and analyze cost impacts. This is they create the plan and to your new home. Just what all big projects. To build your new home. Which is all big projects need so you can add Sky House Company is doing everything possible to be sure that they build to the dream house which is what you’re looking for in the top general contractor Banner elk.

Step three is where they start the construction process. They are going to site the work and the foundation. They also install your interior and exterior wall coverings, they will do the landscaping, build your driveway, start the construction phase in general. You will notice they are the top general contractor Banner elk. He can be confident whenever you continuously see the progress houses making you have chosen the best contractor company to work with. You will notice and take great care in building your home making sure that lead the way that you wanted to look that way you are the project overall.

After the construction phase is when four, which is the closeout phase. Professional photographs of your new home and they do the final walk-through after everything is finished. This is also where you with your keys and receive your home manual which includes anything that you may need regarding warranty information, maintenance schedules, part numbers, service logs, etc. These contain all the documents and materials and systems for things specific to the house not only do they in to be the key to a but they also schedule at three, six, and 12-month follow-up meetings to make sure that everything is performing as designed and if it’s not been their team will take care of those issues.

In a Super quick process and they’ll be able to deliver you the top quality that you’re looking for. This seems like the right Contractor company for you to visit their website at SkyHouseCompany.com and check out their gallery or give them a call at 828.898.3717.

Top General Contractor Banner Elk | Services Sky House Company Provides

If you need any services such as renovating your home, Concierge services or even building a whole new customized home then you should call on Sky House Company to do those for you. Sky House Company is the Top General Contractor Banner Elk so you can be confident that they can create the dream home that you desire. When you work with Sky House Company you will realize that their employees are more than capable of being able to build the home that you want and it will be able to do in a timely manner so that you can enjoy your new home as quickly as possible.

So whether they are wanting to add a room, build a completely new home, or be able to have concierge service to make sure that your home is safe, secure, and well-maintained they had the services available to you always. with their concierge services, their maintenance staff is the most organized, responsive, and timely staff there. Make sure that they use the latest technology to be able to provide comprehensive reports and maintenance recommendations for your home. . The essence of the concierge services that they make thoughtful recommendations for the care of your home and you get to choose the services that that your lifestyle. This alone makes the company name the Top General Contractor Banner Elk because no other contractor is offering, concierge services like this company.

If you are needing a contractor to do any kind of renovations in order to build your home in general and that there is a four-step process that they have to go through. This four-step process includes the consultation, the pre-construction, construction, and closeout phases. The consultation process it is a free consultation that you get to receive. This is where they discuss your project and find out you currently are in the process and identify the determining factors for your individual needs. This is also where they create a budget for your project. Also in that, they do identify the expectations that you have for the project as well as any must-have that you need to have for the project as well.

In to the preconstruction step and after the consultation meeting is over you feel comfortable with moving step two they are able to create the plan for a new home. They start with selecting an architect style of your home that you want They diagnose potential problems in the step as well which in turn saves you a ton of money, time, and quality. Addressing these issues will help the process become more effective and efficient in it will be a well-planned project overall. In steps three and four is where they are going to start construction and once that is finished they will do the closeout which is a step for. They do professional photography and they give you the house and let you enjoy your home.

The simple four-step process that Sky House Company takes. Once the process is finished you are able to enjoy your home and independently of in the on that you’ve dreamed of. Contractor sounds are you feel free to visit their website at SkyHouseCompany.com give them a call at 828.898.3717 for further information.