Sky House Company is different from other contracting companies because they provide services that many other contractors do not provide and they are the best Home Builders Banner Elk. That they provide top-notch quality Homes and renovations whenever they had a project and make sure that they get it done in a timely and efficient manner. All of the clients had been ecstatic about the work they have completed. And constantly recommend them to other people who are looking to renovate their home. Sky House Company offers a variety services and not want to help you get the home that you desire.

One of the services that Sky House Company provides that many other contracting companies do not provide is their concierge service. This is a service to homeowners who want peace of mind that their home a safe, secure, and well-maintained. Service can be customized based on your needs and they offer the service to second homeowners and full-time residents alike. The staff is organized, responsive, and timely in all of the concerns that they have are promptly communicated via reports in the homeowner portal. Their staff can also provide you with comprehensive reports and maintenance recommendations. As I care for your home overall. The service alone makes them the best Home Builders Banner Elk

Services along with the concierge service includes monitoring your home for break-ins and storm damage, winterization of your home if you be absent for the season, inspection of your home for damage or needed repairs, pre-arrival services such as adjusting heating and air-conditioning, convenient services such as changing batteries on smoke detectors, placing HVAC filters, even changing light bulbs for you. These services are endless. The essence of the concierge services is to make thoughtful recommendations for the care of your home and that you choose the services that picture lifestyle. They can provide the services on an as-needed basis or they can create a master plan with regular home visits and scheduled maintenance that you never have to rebut the safety and condition of the home ever again.

So as you can see this is one of the services that other contractors do not do. This shows that Sky House Company wants to help maintain your home and make sure that it is safe and secure so that you have peace of mind that you want. Make sure that they care for your home ensuring its legacy for generations to come. To make sure that your home is looking good as well as making sure that you have nothing the way that whenever you come home. So if you want the best Home Builders Banner Elk to work your project give them a call.

So if this sounds like a great contracting service for you just know that they are more than willing to help you with your home and make sure that you have peace of mind that you want as well. And on the website and check out their services about the concierge service and a fill out the contact card if you are interested in becoming a client at to give them a call at 828.898.3717.

Home Builders Banner Elk | Why Do I Recommend Sky House Company?

I recommend Sky House Company because of the best Home Builders Banner Elk. They make sure that they build their homes with quality materials and that they do in a timely manner. They don’t waste my time and they include everything that I want in my home regardless of what kind of project it is. Able to make brand-new customized homes, they are able to renovate homes and make additions to homes so I can column them for any type of home project that I want. I like that they have an easy process for me to be able to get my dream home. Their staff is really amazing as well they are very knowledgeable and they are very competent in building houses from the ground at. If you decide to work with Sky House Company then you will make no mistake in doing so.

The process is super easy. It is a four step process in which they walk with you step-by-step the entire time. The first step is the consultation process and this is where they talk to you about the budgeting, the determining factors of the project, this is where you let them know about the must-have set you want with your home and they make sure that stays within budget. The second step is the preconstruction phase in which they make the services agreement for the construction phase. They help you pick out an architect that is competent in the style and personality of the home that you are wanting to build. And they go over and diagnose any potential problems that they may come across that way they are able to save you time and money by solving problems and step two instead of waiting until they start construction and run into the problems in step three. just from these first two steps, you can see that they are the best Home Builders Banner Elk because they go into great detail and make sure that each aspect of the project is finished before moving onto the next.

In the next, step three this is where they start the construction and execution of the planet made in step two. This phase includes the initial site and foundation work and make sure that your house is in the most optimal position to maximize the beauty of the space that it’s can be built on. And once that foundation is built this is where they start with a well designed and executed foundation to start the framing of the house. This step typically takes up to 1 to 3 months depending on the time the year, the weather, and based on the size and complexity of the home. This is where they start constructing your walls and plumbing and painting and flooring, etc. and it’s a pretty quick process considering everything that they need to do. The last thing that they do in this step is landscaping and be paid out the driveway to complete construction of your home and they do a deep clean before they close at the project.

In step four this is the closeout process in which they do a final walk-through and take professional photos of the new home. They let you know how to home functions and how to maintain the home as well as they give you full home manuals specific to the house that we had any the information that you may need for the future like warranty information, maintenance schedules, and service logs. They will turn over the keys to you and you can enjoy your beautiful new home.

As you can see this is the Home Builders Banner Elk. If you want to become a client with them you can fill out the contact card on their website at or give them a call at 828.898.3717 and tell them that you’re interested.