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Are you ready to experience the top general contractor banner elk has ever had around? Well, luckily for you I have one company that stands head and shoulders above the rest and their name is sky house. There constantly been delivering world class home for the wonderful people here in North Carolina high country. You may have heard of Sky House Company through various organizations such as the national Association of homebuilders, the Better Business Bureau as they A+ accredited business, high country homebuilders Association and banner elk chamber of commerce. They are a staple the community and there constantly going to great lengths to make sure your home is built to your exact specifications and style.

There is only one general contractor banner elk company that I recommend to all my friends and family. That of course is Sky House Company. Their commitment and dedication to their clients is extremely evident in I know you will love working with this one-of-a-kind company. Whatever you first sign up with them they will come out to your property in stint ample amount of time getting to know you and your family. Many other contractors do not take this crucial step that is why many people have horrible experiences contractors. But you can bet your bottom dollar that Sky House Company truly cares and they will do everything possible to exceed your expectations.

The home is an extremely complicated and long process. But there is one general contractor banner elk company that is up for the challenge. Well I say challenge, it’s not a challenge it comes naturally to Jeff Pell, owner and operator of Sky House Company. Jeff Pell was born and raised in the construction industry. Both his father and grandfather were construction contractors and since he was young he has been fully immersed in this world. He is always not building in figuring out problems. So naturally Jeff Pell followed his family lineage and became a highly respected general contractor himself.

I know that there many options to choose from here in North Carolina high country for a general contractor to build a home. We can get extremely overwhelming and frustrating whenever you begin looking online are asking friends and family for recommendations. What I always tell people is to do a Google search and read the reviews. Reviews are one of the best way to get a unfiltered and unbiased opinion on the company. And lo and behold, Sky House Company has a five star rating with over 50 reviews. That’s 50 clients who gave him five stars and think about how many others that were satisfied that you simply didn’t write a review?

You are in the best hands possible whenever you sign up with this amazing company. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them today and get started building your dream home with Sky House Company. I know you will love building with them so much that you will recommends Sky House Company friends and family once you’re finished. Visit their website for more information at or give them a call today at (828) 898-3717.

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I’ve heard you been looking for a general contractor banner elk area? Have you heard of a little company called Sky House Company? Yes, that was a rhetorical question as I know you have. Everyone here at banner elk knows exactly Jeff Pell is amazing company Sky House Company is. This is because he is been a staple in our community for many years. And even before that we remember his father and grandfather. Anyone who knows Jeff Pell knows that he and his subcontractors build the nicest highest quality homes in the industry. Not only is a quality superb but he makes the entire process smooth.

Many people think that building a house is a major pain or headache. While that is true, whatever you have a horrible contractor. But I have the best general contractor banner elk for you. Sky House Company company is constantly going above and beyond the competition to make sure your home is built perfectly sound and exactly to your liking. Whenever you start meeting with Jeff Pell in his company he is extremely interested in learning more about you. He’s always cultivating a relationship with each and every client and that relationship lasted test of time. Once you get a better idea of exactly what it is you’re looking for in a home he is able to hit the ground running and start constructing immediately.

If you’re not familiar with the word subcontractor I will explain it to you. A subcontractor is basically a contractor that is a substitute. Every construction industry has subcontractors. This is because subcontractors focus on highly specialized or niche construction services. Such as building, laying rock, painting windows, etc. etc. In Jeff Pell who is a general contractor banner elk extraordinaire has built up a huge in large network of subcontractors to use for his disposal. He trust all is subcontractors to deliver the highest quality workarounds and therefore he maintains this high standard in always homes.

Sky House Company also offers a concierge services for the people that live here in North Carolina. This is perfect for those who either vacation here in the mountains or argon frequently on the weekends. It is basically a piece of mind service in which they will go around checking your home make sure no one has broken in or any crazy storm damage. They also do smaller tasks such as changing batteries in your smoke detector, replacing filters and your HVAC system or even changing a light all. If you’re interested in getting signed up with this cool service I would encourage you to visit and submit your name, number and information and they will reach out to you quickly in order to get you signed up. Or you may also call their extremely friendly customer care team at (828) 898-3717. If you’re ready to build your refuge in the mountains you need to do it with the very best here at Sky House Company.

If you have any more questions or concerns that are holding you back from signing up today with the very best in the industry I encourage you to visit Sky House Company website at Or go ahead and call them today at (828) 898-3717