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Building a home is one of the most expensive undertaking that a family will do. This is why it is extremely crucial to have a general contractor banner elk that truly values and is committed to exceeding your expectations. I have one company that is constantly going above and beyond in their name is Sky House Company. For many decades they have been a staple here in the North Carolina high country community. You’ll be extremely hard-pressed find another company that operates at this upper echelon. Jeff Pell who is the owner and operator of this company grew up in the construction industry and have always had a passion for building in solving problems.

As I was saying, Jeff Pell grew up any construction home. His grandfather and father were both general contractor banner elk in naturally Jeff followed in their footsteps. Since he was a child he is been fully immersed in this industry and was groomed to be an amazing general contractor. Fast forward many years and now here he is living his best life doing exactly what he was born to do. I hope your reach out today to Sky House Company gets more information on how to begin your new dream home with this amazing company.

There are a few unique services that Sky House Company the goto general contractor banner elk does for the wonderful people here in our community. They builds custom homes, renovating homes and also offer a concierge services. Renovating is a wonderful way to give your home the much needed updates for not a lot of money. If you are interested in renovating your home today your best bet is to reach out to Sky House Company by phone at (828) 898-3717. Talk with just a little bit and see when you could meet in person. You will very soon realize that Jeff is one of the friendliest and most outgoing general contractors you have ever met. I know many people shudder when I say the word contractor as it elicits horrible experiences from the past. But that is exactly why Sky House Company is constantly striving to deliver excellence and change the stigma associated with the word contractor.

You can rest assured at night that your home is being built by the very best in the industry whenever you sign up with Sky House Company. I urge you to go online and look at some Google rating and read for yourself exactly what people have to say about working with Jeff Pell and his amazing crew. He is highly regarded as the top home builder in the industry and you will be more than impressed with his overall professionalism and expertise. Uses his experience to take a unique approach to building home. He has superb construction management skills and guarantees to finish your home on time and on budget. You will not find another company that is this dedicated and committed to great it.

If you’d like more information please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sky House Company today. I would first visit their website to look at some of their homes or read some testimonials from previous clients. Their website is And if you’re ready to start your journey with them today give them a call at (828) 898-3717.

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Have you been looking for while on who you should hire for your general contractor banner elk and still have not come to a conclusion? Well I know it is very tedious and time-consuming trying to set and find a quality contractor who will go above and beyond to build you a sound proof home. But there is one company that is constantly bubbling up to the top and that company is of course Sky House Company. If you live in the banner elk area, odds are you’ve heard of this company. They are heralded as being the absolute best home builders in the industry and they are second to none. There complete dedication and communication makes it extremely easy and awesome to work with them.

Building a home is a huge investment and it can be a huge nightmare if you don’t take the right general contractor banner elk company. How many people if you ask them if they like their contractor. I would say nine out of 10 people generally have a disdain for contractors. This is just a natural industry. Many people are selfish and will do whatever they want in order to bolster their bottom line. But right here at Sky House Company they truly value your time and money and they will do anything and everything in their power to leave you completely satisfied. I guarantee you have passed by a few Sky House Company properties one your winding through the North Carolina mountains. They stick out like a sore thumb as they are so beautiful and bright.

This is because Jeff Pell, owner and operator Sky House Company, put much thought details into every single aspect of your home. Nothing is left unturned and nothing is forgotten. You will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently they can get your home up and builds. This is because Jeff relies on a vast network of subcontractors who are able to tackle wide variety of different construction tasks. So please stop looking online for a general contractor banner elk and sign up with the very best in the industry here at Sky House Company. I guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.

If you’re not ready to build your new home, maybe you’re ready to renovate your current one. Renovating is a wonderful way to update your home without breaking the bank. When you start working with Sky House Company they will give you many different options of styles and exterior finishes in order to get your curbing people up and running. His unique approach and take on construction management is on precedented and he is making at major name for himself as the number one general contractor here North Carolina. You’d be extremely hard-pressed to find any other company that can deliver quite like them. So please don’t take a gamble and go with another competitor in the area, go with the tried-and-true company Sky House Company.

Sky House Company has been featured in national Association of homebuilders, banner elk Chamber of Commerce, high country homebuilders Association and and A+ accredited business with the BBB. You can guarantee you’ll love working with this one-of-a-kind company. So what you waiting for, give them a call today at (828) 898-3717 or visit them online for more information at