Custom Homes, and protecting your home will be able to help you with all of your home designing and protection needs. They’ll be able to go to our website and see all of the services that you’ll be provided. Or you can contact us today. We are grey on communication if you decide to do a project with our general Contractor Banner Elk I will make sure that you are getting the services that you need. We will give you a direction, a plan, and the product see, and you will be able to have a home that you love. We’ll be able to walk you through all the steps with our great communication. Our contractor will set up a consultation to determine your factors and decide your budget and identify your drivers and our consultation is free of no charge. You’re going to the pre-construction phase after you get a consultation done. You’ll be able to analyze costs impacts identify potential issues, the final project, select an architect, and free construction services agreement. We will be able to walk you through each step.

We get to the fun part when we get to the construction phase. Our team will have slight work in a foundation. Rough-in phase, interior exterior wall coverings, finish out face, landscaping, and your driveway. this is creating the products which will be at your home. Once your home is all done we will set up a professional photo shoot and a final walk-through for your home. We will schedule a 3, 6, and 12-month follow-up. You’ll receive your keys and your home manual and you’ll be able to enjoy your home to ensure that you have a quality built home that is secure.

Our consultation phase of the first step. You’ll be able to meet us at our office and discuss your project and you’ll be able to identify the factors of your individual wants and needs. We will be able to discuss the qualities you are looking for in a builder and ask what your expectations are from your Building Services. Also just be firm in the factors of including the kind of must-haves that you want on your project. You can be price-driven, quality-driven, or Timeline driven. our team of general Contractor Banner Elk He’s just happy to hear that you’re driven. You’ll be able to discuss with us and we’ll be able to accomplish difficult projects. We do not provide low quality production. If you are on a budget and it is common to feel uncomfortable when talking about your budget with the builder.

After discussing your vision of your new home and receiving a quote you will be very confident they will be able to give you what you are looking for. If you are on a budget and it is outside of your budget we can discuss where we can provide more realistic numbers by making adjustments to your vision. After your compensation will be able to move forward after you feel more comfortable. Step two is the pre-construction phase and this is where we create the plan for your new home. Well, point you in the right direction to choosing the architect that fits your needs. And we are a team general Contractor Banner Elk who is eager and happy to help you.

To make an appointment today to come in in speak about your vision and to get a quote you’ll be able to call us at 828-898-3717. For more information about how we can serve you and protect your home today, you’ll be able to visit our website at

General Contractor Banner Elk | Let’s Get To The Good Part

Now, let’s get to the good part about the processes of building your new home. From building custom houses, renovations, and concierge services the general Contractor Banner Elk at Sky House Company, we are here to help you get the best quality home. By giving you a high-quality successful construction process. We are detailed with a step-by-step plan of execution. After your pre-construction plan is in place will move seamlessly into the construction process. We’ll be able to make the most of your optimal position and maximize the beautiful mountain views that you purchase probably because of it.

Will be able to help you establish by building the foundation of your home. After your foundation is designed well and is setting the stage for all other Construction. That’s when the framing of your house comes in. This is the face where the hell starts coming to life. And start taking its shape. You’ll be able to see the updates as we will be able to communicate with you through it your customer portal with pictures and updates.

Typically the framing of your house takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months depending on the time of year, weather, and based on the side of complexity of your home. After the rough framing of your home is completed that one mechanical, electrical, and plumbing service system start. In the rest phase of your home, the last one will be installing the roof of your home. This allows your home to be permanently dry it and it allows for installation to be installed followed by interior wall coverings. The siding will be installed after the roof is completed after the interior and exterior walls are executed then they will start painting both the interior and exterior. Our general Contractor Banner Elk will walk with you every step of the way of your home build.

End the process of painting both your interior and exterior, the interior use a primer coat on all the drywall to Chris’s before the installation in the interior trim starts. After the interior trim is installed we’ll be able to sand, chalk, and fill nail holes before applying any primer. At this time title work is also in process. Typically in all the bathrooms. Then we follow with the installation of any hardwood floors, once flooring and tile have been completed Wii covers surfaces to protect the traffic trades finishing their scopes of work to protect your new flooring. The final steps all the construction phase will be followed by installing your cabinets and final coats of painting and plumbing fixtures and electrical devices. Lastly leave the exterior landscape and Paving of the driveway complete the construction of your home interior and undergoes a final deep clean and our team of general Contractor Banner Elk will be happy to present to you, your newly built home.

To discuss your vision and to get started today and meet with a contractor to come up with a budget you will be able to call us at 828-898-3717.For more information about the services that we provide and the steps that we take to build in your home you can go to our website at