The sky has company is dedicated to being the Fine Home Builder Banner Elk. It’s really for excellent service that we have been name the highest and most reviewed homebuilder this side of the Mississippi. We take this that with honor. We are dedicated to our craft and making sure we build homes that are enjoyable for years to come for many families in a North Carolina mountains. We simply cannot wait to build a beautiful home for you today. It is our goal to make sure that we can take care of our clients in a truly phenomenal fashion. We offer outstanding service in a remarkable way. We know that you will thoroughly enjoy your home. We cannot wait to get started for you today.

Our free consultation to get started with your Fine Home Builder Banner Elk. The way we do do a call this guy. We take you through four different that create your home. It also help with new custom homes, additions, and renovations. It all starts when you schedule your consultation. In a consultation were going to go over budget and we understand that this is not comfortable from for many people however it provides a realistic number and we can make adjustments to your vision to accommodate your budget. We want to determine what you are as well as identify your drivers. We are determining your factors here in the states and it is absolutely no cost. Our stage involves the preconstruction it’s that diagnosing up potential problems on paper if the preconstruction we had to start construction we are getting it out on paper and better able to analyze the cost impacts it will have. We also go over pre-construction services agreement.

We are excited beyond belief to get started with your Fine Home Builder Banner Elk. We really are committed to making sure we get are set to and that involves the selecting architect as well as dividing the project and identify any potential issues. This actually creates a for you. Our third step is the construction sample we actually start crating the product. We start with site work and foundation rough in faith we also take care of interior and exterior walls. We removed. We can clear a lot of before you. We typically take 1 to 3 months for framing cycle depend on that time as here in the winter. It also depends on the size or complexity of your home.

The closeout phase of our project is our fourth stat and it is a final walk-through we actually provide you with your warranty information, service, parts number, it’s all that we provide for you to help maintain your home. We want to make sure you are delighted with the home that we have built for you in that is why at three, six, and 12 months we actually do follow-up meetings to make sure we can address any issues you have. Our clients are thrilled with this process because they do not feel like they were left hanging if there is something that was not completed to their specifications.

If you’re still not convinced that sky house is in the company for your dream then check out our website you our customer testimonials. You’ll be delighted to know that our customers are thrilled with the work we are able to accomplish for them. You can find your website at Check out our website we highly recommend it. You can also call us at 828.898.3717 to schedule your free consultation today. At no cost we’re going to find out what you want to do to start with your home today. It is the perfect time to begin to make sure you have that home away from home. We truly do build beautiful homes it is our craft and we have worked on honey to make sure you have a home you can enjoy.

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Our Sky House Company is determined to make sure that we get you a Fine Home Builder Banner Elk. You can simply check out what we can do with a four step process. It all starts with our settling down on your budget. The most fun part of the process for many people however it is important because it creates a direction for your home. Actually going to determine factors that you want in your home and the mishaps. We then move on to the preconstruction where we can lay out a highlight problem potential problems and look at surprise and confusing costs we want to protect human your budget.

As the highest-rated and most reviewed homebuilder in North Carolina we are prepared to provide you with a Fine Home Builder Banner Elk. In our construction plan we actually set the site work and foundation is take one three month as it is the ref and phase and it did depends on the complexity and specifics of your home. We are then going to take care of the interior and exterior walls. We can also bring in the big machines and take care as your home. We lastly take care of the painting of the driveway and taking care and exterior of the home. our clients are delighted that we again a final deep clean of the interior of the home before we close out your project.

Customers you have used us to build their home find that we are indeed the Fine Home Builder Banner Elk. When we finish up the process with the closeout art clients are delighted to know that we will schedule three, six, and 12 months for follow-up meetings to make sure we take care of this loose ends or maybe something that you are quite confident or set aside with. We are prepared to take care of you in a truly dynamic way and that’s why we also do a final walk-through your building of your home. We want to go with you in our team to make sure we on the same page we can spend time educating you about your new home keep.

We are thrilled to be able to service people in the North Carolina mountains. We have a full-color gallery of our services that we have completed in our homes that we have rated on our website. Our clients are thrilled with the work we have done and you can get more ideas on our website today. Let us know how we can further assist you if you have any questions about the service we can provide for you. Our team is trained and thoroughly equipped take care of your home today. We are excited to get you started on the home of your dreams today.

We are delighted to offer this service at no cost. Remember our initial consultation is no cost to go ahead and call us today at 828.898.3717 to start the process of your home of your dreams today. You can also check our website at to find out more about our customer testimonials. You’ll see that we go over and beyond for each and every one of our clients we are thoroughly thrilled to be able to build a home for you today. We take pride in the work that we do and we only offer excellence it is with excellence that we build your you can enjoy your home for years to come. It all starts with you giving us a call today.