You will not be surprised when you find out that Sky House Company is the Best Home Builder Banner Elk. We are proud to people recommend our services to their friends and neighbors. Rewarding is what happens when we are able to grow strictly on word of mouth referrals. We do not take this pride lightly we actually are very satisfied be of the say we are the highest rated and most reviewed homebuilder in North Carolina. We build custom homes in the high country of North Carolina. We enjoy every moment of it.

When the company you are using is truly dedicated to the work they do it shows and that is why we are known as Best Home Builder Banner Elk. Our staff is ready to go above and beyond when we work on building a new home for you. We do not shy away on architecturally driven projects that require technical ambition. Many other builders what however we don’t. We actually pursue challenging products that way we can ask expand and exceed our service expectations and complete them. We understand how important it is to have a quality home when you are building a brand-new home is a blank sheet for excellence.

Sky House Company is known as the Best Home Builder Banner Elk. This is simply because customer service is our specialty. Not only are we truly passionate for homebuilding and make sure we craft excellent build homes but we are also making sure we are pursuing the highest level of customer satisfaction. It is our goal to make sure we are the leaders in to complete customer satisfaction. This is why we always tried to offer good advice and this may include recommending alterations to the shaping of ideas and you already know where the concept. It is with our customers wishes in mind that we build and design helps. We are proud of the homes that we build and we want to build a new entry.

Many other builders shy away from very complex products however we always look for fine improve on our process and that’s why we attack him with gusto. You can recommend us to your friends and family members. We are constant and reliable and we will prove this and we are ready to carry your vision of your new home. We understand that a complex process is what homebuilding is however is the relationship with building customer that we are able to build people homes. We spent every day to make sure that we artfully transparent in the work that we do free your family. Not only are we just ready but we conduct ourselves in a high professionalism during your project. Our customers can rest assured because we actually provide you with full walk-through upon completion of building your home.

This is why we advise that you check out and the call 828-898-3717. We offer professional photography as well as make sure you understand where the service logs, home warranty, and maintenance schedules are located. We want to make sure we can educate you on the functions of your home as well as see this on your face as you experience your home from the very first time. We enjoy what we do for a living and it is our passion to strive to foster that same passion into our customers and employees. We pursue find homebuilding because we are dedicated to making sure our homes are the most well-crafted homes this side of the Mississippi.

Best Home Builder Banner Elk | Find OUt Why We Are The Company Of Choice For Building Homes

Our clients a truly satisfied with the work that we are able to provide for them that is why we are known as Best Home Builder Banner Elk. Our clients are thoroughly happy with the work we are able to complete for them. At Sky House Company our business has expanded based on word-of-mouth referrals and we are seeing a growing list of satisfied customers. It is because our team is talented and dedicated to seeing the success of your projects come to life. We have a great team with us. This is why we’re the highest-rated and most reviewed and all of North Carolina for homebuilding.

It is our vision to strives to execute a beautifully crafted homes which is why we are the go to choice for Best Home Builder Banner Elk. We are proud to be among the most respected homebuilders in this area.. We want to control the expectations that are set for a client the next project on time and on budget. We understand that we will always provide exceptional professionalism when we are built going to make sure that you are not frustrated with your project that is why we allow full transparency with daily job site that is that are viewable on a mobile platform. In addition we also provide regular updates for every job that we are performing to light you to monitor the progress.

Our clients are delighted that we take care of them from conception to completion that is why we are the Best Home Builder Banner Elk. Our clients are thoroughly thrilled with the work we are able to do for them. We seek to satisfy our savory clients in a seemingly great passion. It is our goal to make sure we are the leaders in complete customer satisfaction. We make sure we are in golfing projects eventually challenge us and we perceive these with gusto. Two weeks you patients each every time

Is our crew that has accumulated many years of experience in field crews with multiple building trades. The best and it is a dedicated and talented team that we have it to perform beautiful and gorgeous homebuilding. Tough to find trusted general contractors and homebuilders and that is why we seek to make this process easy for you. Our employees and subcontractors are respectful of the fact that we are a homegrown company based solely through that word-of-mouth referrals. Every project is important.

Hands down we highly recommend that you check out the website you are going to read our amazing customer testimonials. Visit to find out how you can get your free consultation today. You are going to be to read more about our company about our building process, and also see our beautiful photos of homes we have completed. We go the extra mile for clients in many ways and what of them is by making sure we are architecturally driven projects and we do not shy away from tackling complicated projects. Go ahead and call us 828-898-3717 to get your project started today.