When you choose to work with Sky House company for your Banner Elk New Homes, you can rest assure that you are going to be working with a company that you can trust to give you absolutely amazing services. We are here to give you beautiful homes that you will absolutely love living in for years to come, if not the rest of your life. Why should you work with Sky House company? Well, let’s find out.

One of the reasons that you should build your Banner Elk New Homes with Sky House company is that we are always want to make certain that we are in communication with you from beginning to end. After all, this is your home that we are building, not ours, so we need to make certain that you are always in the loop and know what is going on so that you cannot let us know anything is not according to your standards. We also always make certain that you are aware of the cost of everything that we are doing so that you are not going to be thrown off by hidden costs or fees.

Whenever you build your Banner Elk New Homes with us, you are always going to be able to know exactly what is going on. How do we accomplish this? We do it by making certain that we always build the home according to our four-step process. The first step in the consultation, in which we will discuss factors and drivers, in addition to the railway your budget is. The second step is the preconstruction phase, in which we will choose an architect, identify any problems that might come up, and analyze the cost impacts. The third step is a construction phase itself, in which we will build a home, driveway, and landscaping. The final stage is the closeout, in which we will walk you through the home, takes professional photographs for our records, give your keys in your home manual, and schedule some follow-up appointments so that we can check in with you and make certain that everything is going well.

The appointments on another reason to work Sky House, for they are a sign of the care that we make certain to use when we are checking in with you about the house. We are going to come back to check on things after three months, six months, and 12 months so that we can be certain that everything has gone well and that you have no problems that need to be addressed. Of course, you can always call us if you need us for any other problems that come up.

We hope to be to work with you have Sky House for all of your own building needs. Give us a call at (828) 898-3717 or visit our website, SkyHouseCompany.com, and fill out the form on the Contact Us peace more information. You can also send an email to jeffpell@skyhousecompany.com visit us at our location at 2874 Tynecastle Highway in Banner Elk, North Carolina. See you soon.

Banner Elk New Homes | Sky House Is The Choice To Make

Are you looking for a company to help you build your Banner Elk New Homes? If so, you should definitely consider looking into what we have available for you at sky homes. You see, we are not like other companies that are only going to put in the least amount of effort as possible and then not kept up with you afterward. Here at Sky House, we are going to always go above and beyond the call of duty to make certain that you are satisfied with the work that we have given, including following up with you after the house is constructed so that we can make certain that nothing has gone wrong. After all, if we are the cause of the problem, then we should definitely be the ones to fix it.

We do high-quality work for our Banner Elk New Homes. To see evidence of this, all you do is look at the photos that we have on our gallery of some of the beautiful work that we have done. You also can take a look at the reviews that we have on Google and the testimonials that we have on our website. Did you know that we are actually the highest and most reviewed homebuilder in the country of North Carolina? It’s true. We have been able to help so many people with their home-building needs that they have been more than happy to share our services with others. Take a look at these reviews for yourself to see what we have been able to do for others.

Another thing that is special about our Banner Elk New Homes process is the fact that we are going to make certain that you always know exactly what is going on during every step of the process. We have a report four-step process that we always follow that you can always know what is going on. The first up is the consultation, in which we will discuss your budget and identify factors and drivers. This is up for the construction phase, in which we are going to select an architect, identify any additional issues that might crop up during the construction it, and analyze the cost impacts. The third stage is the construction phase itself. The fourth stage is the closeout, in which you will get the keys in the home manual, and we will schedule those follow-up payments that we can check back in with you and make certain things are going well.

Did you know we also offer remodeling and concierge services? We do. We are able to help you transform an existing home into a completely new looking one by giving you amazing remodeling services. We also can give you great concierge services which can help keep your home safe while you are away on a trip or four seasons. We will make certain that we monitor against burglaries and storm damage, as well as making certain that everything is in order for you may come back.

Call us at (828) 898-3717 will visit our website, SkyHouseCompany.com, for more information. See you soon.