Do you know what to be most important to any company that you work with? Your satisfaction. After all, you are hiring them for services, and they should be treating you as their boss, for you on their boss, and away. Rest sure that whenever you work with us at Sky House company for your Banner Elk New Homes needs, you definitely will always be treated as the boss, for it is your home that we will be building, not ours. If you are not satisfied with the work that we have done, then we have definitely not succeeded in our endeavors. Trust us to always make certain that you are happy with what we do for you and to be constant medication with you to make certain that your needs are met.

Here at Sky House, we value making certain that you are happy with the home that you receive and that we build it with the highest quality techniques and materials. Whenever you work with us for your Banner Elk New Homes, you are always going to be able to expect to have professional workers who give you amazing quality work and to our diligence at the building process. We want to make certain that you are always going to get a project to be really happy with, no matter what.

Another thing that we value in our Banner Elk New Homes processes is communication. You see, we want to make certain that you are always going to get the communication that you need when you are building a home, for a lot of communication is required. The company is not willing to communicate with you, there is probably something wrong. However, from the initial consultation it to the follow-up appointment that we make with you after the project has been completed, you can be certain that communication is one of our most important values.

Did you know that we offer other services besides just building amazing homes? We also offer remodeling services and concierge services. You can trust that for these services as well as a whole building service that we are going to uphold our values of communication, customer satisfaction, diligence, and quality. If you are wanting to change your home up, a remodeling service with us could be just the thing that you need. If you are needing someone to keep watching for your home while you are away for a season for a trip, concierge services might be the right option for you.

If you would like to work with Sky House company, then you should give us a call at (828) 898-3717 or visit our website,, and fill out the form on the Contact Us page. You can also send an email to or visit us at our location at 2874 Tynecastle Highway in Banner Elk, North Carolina. We look forward to working with you and giving you the best on that you could ever ask for.

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Whenever you work with Sky House company, you are going to be able to build homes that are of the absolute highest quality. Well, we are going to build them for you, but you can still rest assured that we are going to always follow our standards of the highest quality. Our Banner Elk New Homes are loved by people all over the High Country, and you are certain to love them too. We would love for you to check out the amazing services that we have for you so that you can see the amazing difference that we can make in people’s lives for their home building needs.

How do you know that we are always going to uphold our standards of quality for Banner Elk New Homes? Well, you can look at how we make certain that we have a plan that we follow every time. Our four-step plan is how we guide our home building process so that you can always keep us accountable and make certain that things are going smoothly for you and your home. Your first step is the consultation phase, in which we will meet with you, discuss your budget, and identify factors in drivers. The second step is the production phase, in which we will discuss which architect chooses, identify any problems that might come up during construction, and analyze the cost impacts of such decisions. The third step is the construction phase itself, in which we will build a home, pave the driveway, do landscaping, etc. The fourth stage is the closeout, in which we will make certain that you get a walk-through of the complete a, give your keys in your home manual, answer any questions you may have, and schedule some follow-up appointments that we can check back with you and make certain that things are going well with the home.

Our follow-up appointments are one of the ways that we make certain that the Banner Elk New Homes that we make are always of the highest quality. When we come in it to check on you after three months, six months, and 12 months of having completed the project, we are going to make certain that everything is working properly and that you haven’t had any problems with the work that we have done. Of course, if you ever have any questions or concerns before one of these follow-up appointments, you can always give us a call. After all, our primary purpose is to make certain that you have the best service that you can possibly get for your new home.

Did you know that we are the highest and most reviewed homebuilders in the High Country of North Carolina? That is because we have been able to help so many people just like you all over the place with their various home building needs, remodeling, and concierge services. If you want to learn more about how we were able to help people like you over the years, you should check out the reviews that we have on our website and on Google.

We hope to hear from you soon. Call us at (828) 898-3717 to visit our website,, and fill out the form on the Contact Us page. See you soon.