In the high country of North Carolina there are many people looking for Banner Elk New Homes. However there is only one company that stands above the rest when it comes to providing excellent new homes for the wonderful people in the high country of North Carolina. This company is Sky House Company and they are truly dedicated to making sure their clients are satisfied with the homes that we built for them. We will go over and above for our clients. This is why we are the most highly rated and most reviewed homebuilder in North Carolina. We are ecstatic to be able to work in the beautiful high country at the state. We want to go over and beyond for you and provide an excellent home-building experience.

Sky House Company is the homebuilder of choice for Banner Elk New Homes. It is truly the goal of this company to be able to their clients expectations in a phenomenal way. It is our goal to make sure that they can be trusted by their discerning customers. The goal of this team is to understand your vision and no matter how challenging they are make sure they can bring us into fruition. The team is always ready to give good by an improve on their noteworthy concept. One way that our team is able to go the extra mile is the we clean up the damage and debris that comes with any new construction project. You know home-building is a complex process we want to take careful measures to make sure that we are able to smooth out the process for our clients.

Our clients are definitely set aside with the work we able to provide Banner Elk New Homes. Not only are we always refining and improving on our process but we are dedicated to home-building. We want to make sure your project polished beautifully but we understand that many of our homeowners a second homeowners so they know what they want when it comes to a functional and beautiful home. You’ll be thrilled to know that we go over and beyond for our clients in many ways another way that we do besides picking up after the construction process is we do a thorough interior clean to get rid of all the construction dust.

Our team is passionate about going the extra mile and making sure that they are completing each renovation or building project on budget and on time. It is only this way that we have become the highest-rated and most reviewed in North Carolina. We are ready to tackle each new vision with gusto we are excited to meet your expectations and make sure that your project is flowing efficiently. We are going to give you constant updates on every job including site photos from the day you commute is on a mobile platform. Our clients are thoroughly satisfied with the homes were able to build for them we can’t wait for you to become one as well.

We highly encourage you to check the website Our gallery of our amazing completed projects and our customer testimonials on the website. We highly recommend that you check that out. Teaching at the website give us a call so we can answer any questions you may have. Our team is ready to provide your free consultation when you give us a call at 828.898.3717. We are going to make sure that we provide excellence with your new home and that you can enjoy for years to come. We want to make sure we have a strong relationship between us a builder you the client we strive to make sure we eliminate any setbacks and only maintain excellence throughout the process of your new home.

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North Carolina has one top company trusted to build Banner Elk New Homes. Your best his interests are what are employees keep in mind first. It is our goal to build a strong relationship between you the customer and the builder. We want to make sure we are hitting the nail on hammer when it comes to building a new home for you. In the beautiful high country of North Carolina we are excited to be able to work on each new home. If you are looking for a company that is dedicated to what they do you have found that we are passionate about home-building and home-building with excellence.

Choose a company that is highly recommended and reviewed for Banner Elk New Homes. It is our goal to make sure we are maintaining a excellent relationship with our clients and that is why we seek to satisfy our growing list of happy customers. We have years of experience and expertise in quality craftsmanship it comes to building homes. And we want to be able to demonstrate this is ability for our continually satisfied customers. Sky House Company understands that it is a complex process to building a home and we are continually working on improving and refining our process.

Make sure your vision is carried out with excellence with Banner Elk New Homes. A new home should be built properly and that is why the customers of Sky House Company are continually satisfied. The passion we have for our customers, employees and building projects shows in the work that we do. We’re going to provide you with daily on site photos that you are able to view on a mobile. This allows you to be able to keep up-to-date project from anywhere that you please. That way you can know that we are staying on budget and on time with your new home.

Not only do we provide regular updates with your job but upon completion of the new homes we are going to give you a thorough walk-through after we do a deep interior cleaning. Our clients are continually satisfied with the work that we are able to perform for them. We can’t wait to build you a beautiful home today. We are also going to provide three, six, and 12 month meetings where we can come in and view your home to make sure we are able to tackle any part that you are not thoroughly satisfied with. We really do want to go the extra mile and it comes to taking care of our clients. And this is our guarantee and why we have a growing list of very happy customers.

You can schedule your free consultation today over the phone by calling 828.898.3717. We highly encourage that you check out the website to view our client testimonials and see how we have been helping wonderful people of North Carolina build truly beautiful homes. You can also check out our gallery and get ideas from other homes that we have completed. We are ecstatic to be able to continue to build beautiful homes with excellent architecture. We want to make sure that in a very great way you are able to enjoy your home for years to come.