If you’re looking for a Banner Elk Home Builder to make your home for you, you want to make certain that they are always going to put you as the customer first. After all, this is the dream home that you have been thinking about for years and years, and you hope to live in it for us to come. Therefore, you need to make certain that you have found homebuilder was going to listen to you and to put your needs first. That is why you took into Sky House, the company that is dedicated to making certain that you have a quality home building experience.

When you work with us at Sky House, the best Banner Elk Home Builder, you will find that we are committed to making certain that communication with you is open and straightforward. We want to make certain that we know exactly what you want for your home so that we can give you that dream home that you want to live in for the rest of your life. Our passion is making your dreams become reality, so you can trust us to always put you first. You are our boss, as it is your house, not ours. We are here to simply be the conduit to make your dreams into reality and make certain that things are structurally sound and up to code.

When you hire us to be your Banner Elk Home Builder, you can expect the process to follow our four-step plan. The first step is the consultation, in which we will hear you tell us about everything that you want your home and learn what your budget is. The second stage is the preconstruction phase, in which we will decide on an architect together, see if there are any potential problems with the design, and analyze the cost impacts of that all. Step is the construction phase itself, which will build the home, make certain that your driveway is paved and the landscaping is done. Fort stayed closeout, in which we will answer any questions that you may have, walk you through the home, and schedule follow-up appointments for three months, six months, and 12 months after construction date. Way for us to come back and check on things and make certain that everything is going well.

Did you know that we are the highest and most reviewed homebuilding company in the High Country of North Carolina? That is because we have for so hard with so many people to make their dreams become realities. If you would like to see pictures of some of the amazing work that we have done, just head on to our website and look at the Gallery page.

If you’d like to work with us and let us build your dream home, just give us a call at 828-898-3717; visit our website, skyhousecompany.com, and fill out the form on the Contact page; that is an email; or visit our office in Banner Elk, North Carolina. We look forward to serving you.

Banner Elk Home Builder | We Take Communication Seriously

If you are looking for a Banner Elk Home Builder to build your home, you want to make sure that they are good at communication. After all, you are trusting these guys to build the house of your dreams, and you are hoping to be able to live in this help the rest of your life. Also, this is not a cheap process, as a you have every right to make certain that it is done properly. Therefore, when you’re looking to build your dream house, look into a company that is dedicated to making certain that you know exactly what’s going on and making certain that they always follow your plan. Get in contact with Sky House.

Sky House is a Banner Elk Home Builder that you can trust to put communication with you first. For the beginning of the process to the very end, we will always value making sure that you know exactly what is going on and making sure that we know what you want for the home. We have a free consultation. Before processing starts so that you can communicate with us what you are looking for and so that we can establish a relationship. After all, we think it is important for us to establish trust with you before we get into a business relationship.

Another thing that this Banner Elk Home Builder does to improve medication is to make certain that we give you some follow-up appointments after the home is completely built. We will check in with you after three months, six months, 12 months to make certain that everything in the home is going well and that nothing is going wrong and that you are satisfied. It is very important to us that the home of your dreams is the home that you will want to stay in the rest of your life, so we will make certain that it is done beautifully.

We have been able to help so many people get to the homes of their dreams that we have become that the highest- and most-reviewed homebuilder in the High Country area of Carolina. Even though we have only been in business for about five years, people have been amazed at the work that we have done and have been super excited to share our services with her family and friends. We are honored to serve the area and to help people continue to achieve their dreams. If you’d like to look at some of the pictures of the homes that we have built, just look at the Gallery page on the website. You can also look at the testimonials that we have a website for the many five-star reviews that we have on Google.

We would love to get in contact with you and help build the home of your dreams. Just give us a call at 828-898-3717; visit our website, skyhousecompany.com, and while the form of a Contact page; send us an email; or visit us at our office in Banner Elk, Helena. We look forward to serving you.