SkyHouse banner elk home builder is a custom construction company that serves the home building and remodeling market in the high country of North Carolina. Jeff Pal, the owner and founder of SkyHouse company grew up in the high country and is dedicated to serving his local city that he knows so well. Jeff is what you would call a second generation builder, he was raised on a construction site, and his entire family has been involved in the whole construction industry.

SkyHouse offers banner elk home builder renovations. SkyHouse considers renovations and additions as bread and butter. SkyHouse believes that the relationship between a builder in a client is always imperative. At SkyHouse it is our main goal that we understand that our work refers to you and your lifestyle, and we strive to make sure even the smallest projects flow smoothly whether you are living in the home or not. We will always protect our home during renovations, and we consider that to be another component of our outstanding customer service. We will carefully install the fall partitions and use air scrubbers for protection and jam protectors to be sure that our work doesn’t affect your life.

SkyHouse banner elk home builder offers concierge services. Concierge services that we offer to homeowners who want peace of mind that their home is safe, secure and well-maintained. We can customize the services based on your needs. We can do anything from one time winterization to regular in Montreal. I have a home inside and out. This offer is extended to homeowners and full-time residents. We have experience responsible and timely, and are all concerned with given attention. We were staffed with the latest technology for caring for your home, ensuring its safety for Legacy and generations to come..

Some of those services offered are monitoring our home for break-ins and storm damage, winterization of your home if you’re going to be gone for the season, inspection of your home for damage, your needed repairs, pre-arrival services like turning on water, adjusting heat or air conditioning, and anything else you may need before returning to your house, we provide convenient services. We can change batteries, replace HVAC filters and even change lightbulbs in hard-to-reach places, we can inspect your home security system, we can monitor your home for signs of wanna put your damage, we can recommend maintenance repair measures that will save me money, we can meet with subcontractors that visit your home while you’re gone to do things like clean your gutters or sweep your chimney. We can create master plans with regular home visits and schedule maintenance. You never have to worry about the safety and condition of your home. This is the essence of our service. At SkyHouse you make that for recommendations that care for your home and you get to choose a home that fits your lifestyle.

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Sky House banner elk home builder is a custom construction company serving to find a home building and remodeling market of North Carolina in the high country. Owner and founder. Jeff grew up in the high country, and he is dedicated to serving his city that he knows and loves so well. At SkyHouse, Jeff has earned the national Association of state contractors, license agencies, exam credentials, and he serves as the license qualifier for SkyHouse.

What makes banner elk home builders different from other builders? Sky house specializes in ambitious architecturally driven projects. We are the builder that would take on the crazy project when the other builder may not be trusted by our customers because we understand their vision. We know how challenging things can get, but the vision takes priority. We work carefully inclusive with customers, architects, interior designers, and other professionals to bring each and every project over the top results leading to the customers wishes. We also are great at giving advice. Sometimes recommendations will change in shaping ideas and can improve and already know where they contact.

What services do banner elk home builders offer? SkyHouse offers a range of services from customizing and building houses from the ground up to renovating a current house to the concierge services where they act as a maintenance for the house that you own. SkyHouse’s concierge services really make them stick out compared to other buildings. SkyHouse, our journey together doesn’t end at the end of a build. We are here with you every step of the way with3 months, six months and 12 month check ups along the way.

That’s Guy house. We understand that the home building is a complex process and for that we are always looking to improve, completing a build or renovation on timing on budget is only the surface of customer satisfaction at sky house. We like to go the extra mile. We provide regular updates on each and every job we do including daily job site photos so you can always have the ability to monitor your project from wherever you are. Our team, with their broad skill set, allows them to tackle important parts of your projects that other builders may have no choice but to delegate to other subcontractors. This is how we control the expectation set of the project flow and that it’s always efficient and on schedule.

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