SkyHouse banner elk home builder is a construction company, surveying fine, homebuilding and remodeling in high country in North Carolina. With a highly dedicated and talented team, SkyHouse has a growing list of satisfied customers. They can think their company growths on word of the mouth. At SKYHouse we believe that every project is a gym that Has to be cut, shaved and polished correctly. We strive every day to have excellent relationships that help with the success of your project.

What is the history of banner elk home builders? Jeff Pell is the owner and founder of SkyHouse company. Jeff grew up in the high country, and he’s dedicated to serving his local city that he grew up loving. Jeff is a second generation builder, whose whole family has been involved in the home construction industry his entire life. His father was a trusted home builder, and he has three uncles that are accomplished tradesmen. Jeff was raised on construction sites, and in his father’s woodworking shop home building is in Jeff’s DNA.

More history of banner elk home builder he spent his formative years as a subcontractor. Sub tractors provide skilled labor on management services to areas most respected builders Jeff has a broad experience that is combined with a true passion for home building. This led him to form his own company. In 2015 Jeff earned the national Association of state contractors, licensing agencies, exam credentials. He serves as the license qualifier for Sun sky house. Sky house does custom homes, renovations, and concierge services. We have a field crew that has accumulated many years of experience and multiple different building trades. This is a broad skill set that allows them to tackle important parts of your projects.

SkyHouse has a four step process that they like to call the sky House way. Step one. is consultation. Step two is preconstruction. Step three is construction and step four is close out. Sky house offers, custom homes, renovations, and concierge services at sky as we know that one of the biggest decisions a person can make is to build a new custom home. We are here to make all of your home goals become a reality. At SKYHouse we understand the financial emotional investment involved with building a home we are dedicated to, and we offer intelligent advice. We are experts in value engineering.

Visit us online at to learn more about us to see our services to check out her gallery to watch our testimonies to contact us or to visit her client portal. Sky arms as an A+ on the better business bureau site. Owner of SkyHouse, specializes in architecturally, driven homes and renovations. He’s gonna do construction management, customer service skills and strategic planning. He graduated with a bachelor of arts from Mars Hill University. Call us today at 8288983717 to schedule consultation and get started on your dream home today.

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SkyHouse banner elk home builder is owned by a home builder that specializes in architecturally driven custom homes and reservations. Jeff is an experienced business owner with an experience history. Of working in the construction industry. He is skilled in construction, management, customer service, sales and strategic planning. He graduated from Marseilles University with a bachelor of arts. Jeff has earned the national Association of state contractors, licensing agencies, exam credentials. He is the license qualifier for SKYHouse. Sky house is a custom construction company that serves fine homebuilding in every Martling market of the high country in North Carolina.

How does banner elk home builder work? And the first step is to have a consultation meeting at the office to discuss your plans and dreams to find out where you currently are and identify what you need. This is also where we will discuss any. Must haves you want with your new project just says this could be price driven, quality driven or timeline driven usually comes down to two whether it’s high quality in a short timeline driving up the cost or it could be a low price with higher quality can be a hard to accomplish and lead to a longer build cycle. We do not provide low quality production.

The next step At banner elk home builder is pre-construction. After you have a consultation, you will feel comfortable moving forward when they start step two which is pre-construction. This is where they create the plan for your new home we always like to work with an architect to protect you from the surprise and confusing cost when it comes to buying a home, next day defined the project they go and identify important features you would like to incorporate and make sure that these features align with your budget during this planning phase they can pick out any problems, rather than figuring it out along the way we always work alongside an architect to combine our expertise with their expertise, creating a well executive plan.

The next step is construction, and behind every successful construction is a plan of execution. Once your grade is established, they begin building a foundation every well built on, starting with a well designed and executed foundation. After the foundations complete we start framing the house. We called his next step going vertical. This is where you really start to see the house come to life and start taking machines. Usually this frame cycle takes you from one to three months, depending on the weather and basing on the size or complexity of the home. Step four is a close out. This is where we schedule a walk-through with our team and you. We spend time educating you on the functions and how to maintain the home. We will also make a full home manual specific to your house with documents for every system and material we have used along the way. But this isn’t the last of it. We also scheduled 36 and 12 month follow-up meetings where we come back to your house and inspect to make sure everything is performing.

And visit us online at to learn more about us, see our gallery and find out more about our process. Call us today at 8288983717 to book a consultation.